Variable Speed Pulley Interchange

Match one of our automatic belt tensioning pulleys with other manufacturers. Our guide cross references with: Browning, Gerbing, Lewellen, Lovejoy, Maurey, Reeves, Speed Selector, and T.B. Woods.

Image of the front page of the Interchange document

Download PDF of Interchange.

To identify an interchange with another manufacturer, you will need to know the pulley’s:

1.  Make & Model #
2.  Horsepower capacity
3.  RPM range
4.  Belt size

Due to the variation in design between manufacturers of variable speed pulleys, an exact interchange of pulleys with comparable horsepower ratings is seldom available. Design variations can affect an interchange in the following ways:

1.  Variations in the maximum and minimum pitch diameters result indifferent RPM ranges and may require a different companion sheave.
2.  Variations in belt sizes may require a different companion sheave or pulley.
3.  Variations in physical dimensions may require a repositioning of drive components, such as the motor or companion pulley, to achieve belt alignment,or the drive guards to assure clearance.

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