Thank you for your interest in Hi-Lo Manufacturing. For over 64 years, Hi-Lo Manufacturing has produced reliable, efficient and economical Variable Speed Pulley Drives. Our innovative automatic belt tensioning design coordinates belt tension with load requirement and makes our Variable Speed Pulleys an industry favorite.

Hi-Lo Manufacturing carries a full line of Variable Speed Pulley Drive products:

• Adjustable and Fixed Center Distance Pulley Drives

• Asymmetric Pulley Drives

• Variable Speed Belts, Sheaves, Bushings, Collets and Motor Bases

• Hi-Ratio Compound Drives

• Custom Machining

Hi-Lo also provides a wide range of precision custom maching production with its use of advanced robotics.

Our products are found in many power transmission assemblies, including ATVs and fitness machines. We consistently earn high quality and service reviews from our Fortune 500 customers.


Hi-Lo Manufacturing is a worker-owned ESOP and we're always looking for associates to help us make high quality products that create pride in workmanship.